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English language support

We are anglophones and francophones, who are active in the world of English language support for speakers of other languages.  Our activities focus mainly on helping you to become fluent in English.  With our unique approach, you can expect to acquire an accurate picture of British culture at the same time as improving your language skills.  Our view is that language and culture are inseparable.  Besides English, we can also assist you with communication in the French language thanks to our close ties with France.  By combining our knowledge of English, French and other European languages, we aim to shine a brighter light on the European way of life.  With us, you gain invaluable insights into different cultures as well as mastery of the language.  What the world needs is for us to keep learning languages in order to build genuine mutual understanding between communities.

Our Services
Language Support in English and french

One-to-one sessions.  Flexible times.   Instant feedback.  Personalised learning.  Dedicated practice.  Focus on speaking and listening skills.  Experience a different kind of total immersion in a new language and culture. 

If you want to learn English the natural way, then you are in the right place.  Like many language tutors, we have moved online to create a more personal and customised experience for our students.  There are certainly advantages to this way of learning.  For instance, our one-to-one sessions give you greater choice in what you learn.  Most importantly, we give you intensive practice in key skills such as listening and speaking.  Thanks to our skilled tutors, you will discover other successful ways to build confidence as well as fluency in your second language.  All you need to get started is access to the Internet!

There are other ways to get on top of your language needs. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to perfect their language skills nor to do their own translations to a very high standard.  Thanks to our complete language service, help is at hand.  As professional translators, we are used to handling a wide variety of requests.  From delegated day-to-day task management to ownership of entire projects.  In fact, our range of language support extends well beyond standard translation jobs.  Get in touch with us to discuss your own specific needs for translation from French to English.

We go further with our English language support service.  As illustrated by our unique approach to language and culture.  We understand the challenges of communicating in a second language and adapting to a new culture.  Feel free to involve us in your relocation plans for France or the UK.  For instance, we can help to identify reputable local experts who will support you every step of the way.  In short, we are on hand to make your move to the UK or France as straightforward as possible.  Find out more about the key services we offer to help you relocate and settle in your new country.

who we are
located in edinburgh, scotland, UK

We are linguists working online for the benefit of all.  That is to say, we put English language support at the heart of our business in the areas of language learning, translation, relocation and cultural adaptation.  Across many interest groups.  Our reach is global because we have access to the Internet but we pride ourselves on being tuned to the local and immediate needs of our clients wherever you tell us you are.  As lifelong learners who love to learn new languages ourselves, it is a privilege to help you learn English, whatever your age and level of fluency.  Feel free to get in touch with us to talk about your language needs.